‘Spider-Verse’ producer explains how 240 characters fit into the movie


Sequels are obligated to increase in scope, scale, and spectacle, but it still came as a surprise when it was revealed during Sony’s recent CinemaCon panel that Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse and follow-up Beyond the Spider-Verse would feature no less than 240 individual characters.

The opener roped in a minuscule band of web-slingers by comparison, which inevitably led to questions about how on earth the creative team would find the time and space to cram so many versions of the iconic comic book favorite into the space of a two-part superhero extravaganza.

As it turns out, we should temper our expectations for how heavily those 240 figures will factor into the story of Across and Beyond the Spider-Verse, with producer Christopher Miller taking to Twitter in order to clarify the method behind the ambitious madness.

So, even though we shouldn’t bank on 240 individual lines of dialogue to emanate from the vast roster set to feature as either supporting players, background cameos, or Easter Eggs in Miles Morales’ latest journey through the vast Marvel multiverse, the animators still have a tough job on their hands.

It’s already been confirmed that Across the Spider-Verse and Beyond the Spider-Verse will have the largest crew ever assembled for an animated feature, and with more information beginning to seep out regarding the sequels that were recently delayed yet again, we completely understand why.

Sadly, the next chapter isn’t coming to theaters until June 2023, but that does mean the hype has more than enough time to reach deafening levels before we return to Sony’s Spider-Verse.