Spider-Man 2099 And Scarlet Spider Movies Rumored To Be In The Works


While Peter Parker himself has found much success in theaters lately, Sony is busy mining the rest of the Spider-Man mythos for all it’s worth. Venom kicked off a series of live-action movies based on other characters from Spidey’s neck of the woods, with Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse exploring the different versions of the wall-crawler out there in animation.

Phil Lord and Chris Miller have been put in charge of expanding the franchise – officially titled Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters – in exciting ways on TV, too, though the studio has big ideas for the silver screen as well. We’re not yet sure what their plans are, but one new rumor may reveal a couple of projects in the works. Namely, vehicles for both Spider-Man 2099 and Scarlet Spider.

Lords of the Long Box, who’ve been dropping a lot of interesting info across the board of late, claim that the infamous “The Clone Saga” comic book arc is being adapted for live-action, which will lead to the creation of Ben Reilly AKA Scarlet Spider, Peter Parker’s clone who originally believed himself to be the one and only Spider-Man.

As for Spider-Man 2099, Sony has apparently commissioned concept art for a live-action film about Miguel O’Hara’s future-set web-slinger. Apparently, this could either happen very soon or in the distant future. If you’ll recall, Miguel recently made his cinematic debut in the post-credits scene of Spider-Verse, with Oscar Isaac providing the voice. We Got This Covered has previously reported that an animated solo movie is in the works, too, but this project seems to be separate.

Obviously, feel free to put these in the “maybe” pile until we hear more, but it’d make sense for Sony to want to do something with these two pretty prominent figures in the Spider-verse and fans would certainly be interested in seeing either a Spider-Man 2099 or Clone Saga movie. And with Peter Parker himself now back at the studio following their split from Disney, we imagine Sony has big, big plans for Spidey and all his related characters.