Marvel Fans Worried That Uncle Ben Will Die Again If Sony Reboots Spider-Man

Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man is in the MCU no more. That’s the news that’s rocked the Marvel universe this week, as a falling out between Sony and Disney means that it looks like Peter Parker will be removed from the franchise he only finally joined three years ago. Sony is absolutely going to make their own movies featuring the wall-crawler again, though, and fans think they know what that means: Uncle Ben is gonna die once more.

As soon as the news hit the web, some folks were already seeing the funny side and predicting that Ben is on his way to comic book movie heaven once again if Sony really are rebooting Spidey for a fourth time.

Of course, these jokes aside, there’s been a big debate between fans ever since Spidey joined the MCU about the lack of direct reference to Ben’s death. Many think that it undercuts Peter Parker’s heroic journey if we don’t have the tragic events of Ben’s demise mentioned, as that’s the crux of his decision to do some good with his powers in most versions.

Given that, a few fans actually welcome the idea of Ben meeting his end again in a potential Sony redo of the origins story.

Thankfully, the signs are pointing to all this Uncle Ben talk being a bit premature as most reports are saying Sony plan on keeping Tom Holland as Spider-Man, possibly even for another two more movies. There’s been some worry about whether Holland’s actually locked in place for at least Spider-Man 3, but Sony would have to be nuts to fire him on top of taking him out of the MCU.

After all, Spider-Man: Far From Home just became the highest-grossing Spidey flick ever, so they’ll surely want to stick as close to that as possible. Which means more Holland, and no more Uncle Ben getting shot.