Spider-Man: Far From Home Fans Are Loving Tom Holland And Zendaya’s Chemistry


Spider-Man: Far From Home features a good amount of moments that both celebrate and modernize the character’s storied comic book history. There’s Mysterio’s updated mo-cap VFX suit, a new origin for the Elementals that’s heavily tied to drone technology, and The Daily Bugle’s triumphant return as a far-right conspiracy website. However, it’s Tom Holland and Zendaya’s fresh new spin on Peter Parker and MJ’s relationship that has many fans taking to Twitter to celebrate.

When Zendaya was initially added to the cast of 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, many people were confused why such a big star would take on the role of ‘Michelle Jones,’ a character that seemed to be created specifically for the film. After all, Laura Harrier’s Liz Allen was set up to be the romantic lead of Spidey’s first MCU solo outing, as the two prior movie series already examined his relationships with Mary Jane Watson and Gwen Stacy.

Yet, Homecoming concluded with Allen moving away in the aftermath of the villainous actions of her father (who turns out to be the Vulture, in another big change to the comic book canon). Meanwhile, one of the pic’s last sequences reveals that Michelle Jones actually goes by MJ, a highly controversial twist that drew the ire of most long-time Spider-Man readers.

Now that Far From Home is in theaters though, we know that Zendaya’s take on MJ is unlike anything we’ve seen before, and the movie is better off for it. A morbidly funny academic decathlon student who easily deduces Peter Parker’s alter ego, the MJ of the MCU is a far cry from Kirsten Dunst’s damsel-in-distress theater actress version of Mary Jane Watson.

Fans were also quick to note online that the chemistry between Zendaya and Tom Holland added an extra bit of charm to the duo:

Luckily, Marvel’s 23rd movie has been making a killing at the box office, pretty much guaranteeing a third solo outing for the ol’ Web-Slinger. Now that MJ (along with pretty much the whole world) knows Peter’s secret, Kevin Feige says the future of the series will examine a side of Spider-Man that has yet to be explored on the big screen. Hopefully this means an even bigger part for Zendaya, who, if we’re lucky, will finally get in on the action next time.

What do you think of the actress’ performance in Spider-Man: Far From Home, though? Do you like the new take on MJ, or do you think Marvel Studios should stick closer to its source material? Let us know in the comments below!