Spider-Man: Far From Home Becomes First Spidey Film To Cross $1 Billion


In a franchise first, Spider-Man: Far From Home has zoomed past $1 billion at the global box office, and is the third MCU movie to do so in 2019 after Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame, the latter of which recently became the highest-grossing film, well, ever.

Far From Home, on the other hand, is now at $1.005 billion and climbing, having grossed $672 million overseas alone since it scurried into theaters earlier this month. In North America, Sony and Marvel’s joint gig is projected to hit $333 million by end of day Thursday, and those numbers are only headed in one direction – particularly as we approach the weekend.

It’s also significantly higher than the box office cume of Spider-Man: Homecoming, which reached $880 million two years ago, signaling a post-Endgame boon for Peter Parker and the gang. They’ll no doubt return for a third installment (summer 2021, in all likelihood), but for now, the Powers That Be will push Far From Home as far as it can possibly go.

Tony Stark evidently cast a long shadow over Far From Home (and for good reason), but it’s fair to say that Spider-Man was perhaps the perfect hero to topline the first MCU movie in a post-Endgame world – and not just because of his relationship with Stark.

This is an Avenger bouncing with giddy energy and child-like enthusiasm, who longs for some semblance of teenage life after the calamitous events of Infinity War and its wildly successful sequel. To say he gets more than what he bargained for would be to deal in wild understatement, but make no mistake: Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is now the most successful of them all. Long may he reign.

And the Marvel Cinematic Universe? It seemingly laughs in the face of franchise fatigue. Up next is the standalone Black Widow movie in early 2020.