Spider-Man: No Way Home Twitter Account Teases Andrew Garfield And Tobey Maguire


We’re nine months away from Spider-Man: No Way Home releasing into theaters, and Tom Holland has done a huge number of interviews discussing the project, but so far we still know next to nothing about the web-slinging sequel, and you can guarantee that Marvel Studios and Sony will look to keep it that way for as long as possible.

The big title reveal didn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know, and while the leading man has described No Way Home as the single most ambitious standalone superhero movie ever made, one that features what he described as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s grandest action sequence yet, plot details are still being kept under lock and key.

Of course, everyone’s expecting Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield to show up, to the extent that fans will be pissed off at this point if they don’t, and now the movie’s official Twitter account has been getting in on the speculation. The social media platform offered to write bios for anyone and everyone willing to seize the opportunity, and you can see what they came up with for Spider-Man: No Way Home below.

While this obviously set off the latest avalanche of social media buzz, it’s a lot more likely that Twitter is just trolling. You can guarantee that Disney, Marvel and Sony wouldn’t let such a huge reveal be confirmed in the most off-handed fashion possible, and the likely explanation is that the two accounts were just having a bit of fun, fully aware of the fact that fans would latch onto even the tiniest sliver of news regarding Spider-Man: No Way Home. And unfortunately, we probably won’t get a definitive answer on anything until the first trailer drops.