Tom Holland Says Spider-Man 3 Has The MCU’s Most Impressive Action Scene Ever


Yesterday, it appeared as though we’d finally learned the official title for the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider-Man 3, when Tom Holland revealed the first photos from the web-slinging threequel. The leading man dropped an image with the subtitle Phone Home, only for co-star Jacob Batalon to make a post of his own shortly after, where he called it Home-Wrecker.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know for sure what Marvel Studios are naming the movie, but Holland has been hitting the press circuit with a vengeance to promote his upcoming collaboration with the Russo brothers on biographical crime thriller Cherry, where he’s inevitably been fielding questions about his return as Spider-Man.

In a huge turnaround from his days as a living, breathing spoiler merchant, the actor has remained incredibly tight-lipped when it comes to specifics, and if anything, he’s been more willing to talk about WandaVision than his own project. However, in a new interview, the 24 year-old revealed that Spider-Man 3 has the most impressive action sequence the MCU has ever seen, explaining:

“The film is incredibly ambitious, and I’m delighted to say that we’re succeeding in making it. It’s going really well. We watched a fight scene that we had shot a few weeks ago, and I’ve never seen a fight scene quite like it in the MCU. I’m really excited for audiences to see that. I saw an edit three or four days ago of a fight scene that we’ve been shooting for about a month, and it is easily the most impressive fight scene I’ve ever seen in a superhero movie. I was blown away by it.”

That’s big talk from someone who was involved in both Captain America: Civil War‘s airport showdown and the final battle against Thanos’ army in Avengers: Endgame, which are widely lauded by fans as two of the most impressive set pieces in the franchise’s history. Of course, throwing the multiverse into the mix drastically increases the stakes and possibilities surrounding Spider-Man 3‘s action scenes, but matching the epic scale and spectacle of the MCU’s biggest battles is a tall order, one that fans are nonetheless hoping the movie can pull off. And we’ll get to see if it manages to live up to the hype when the threequel swings into theaters this December 17th.