Spider-Man: Far From Home’s Original Post-Credits Scene Would’ve Introduced The Sinister Six

Green Goblin

If it weren’t clear from the title, this post will dive into some pretty big spoilers for Spider-Man: Far From Home. So proceed with the knowledge that you’ve been warned just in case you haven’t caught the sequel yet.

Still with us? Good, because Spider-Man: Far From Home‘s kind of a big deal. It’s already grossed a whopping $847 million worldwide and has received near universal acclaim from fans and critics. Whether it’s Tom Holland’s incredible physical and emotional performance as Peter Parker, his fantastic chemistry with MJ actress Zendaya, or one of the MCU’s most exciting villains yet in the form of Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio, there’s a lot to like about it.

But one scene that’s rightfully being talked about the most happens during the credits, with J. Jonah Jameson making his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut – played by J.K. Simmons, no less. It’s a moment that no doubt took everyone by surprise, but as it turns out, it almost occurred during the film itself, with another scene originally planned for the mid-credits stinger.

According to verified Marvel tipster TheMarvelScoopMaster over on Reddit, the plan at first was to use the scene to plant the seeds for the Sinister Six. Apparently, we were going to see various members of the group assembled and learning of Spider-Man’s real identity, before they decided to go after him. Among those included in the Six would’ve been Shocker, Vulture, Scorpion, Mysterio and Chamelon, with Norman Osborn being the one who brought them together.

From what the Redditor says, the scene was shot, VFX were complete and it was ready to go. But then for some reason, director Jon Watts decided to scrap it and end the film a bit prematurely, using the last bit of the original cut as the mid-credits scene instead.

Though we advise taking this with a grain of salt as we do with all reports that hail from Reddit, this is pretty believable and matches up with much of what we heard about Spider-Man: Far From Home before it hit theaters. Numerous outlets claimed that we’d see Osborn and the foundation of the Sinister Six in the film and though it didn’t end up happening, it’s still pretty clear from that J. Jonah Jameson scene that this is indeed where the franchise is headed, with Spidey’s real identity now out in the open and the world seeing him as a villain.