Spidey And MJ Meet Outside Grand Central In Spider-Man: Far From Home Set Pics


The wall-crawler pulls off some fancy acrobatics outside Grand Central Station before settling down for a chat with MJ in these new Spider-Man: Far From Home set photos.

This latest batch of images serves as yet more evidence that the relationship between Peter Parker and Michelle “MJ” Jones will play an important part in the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel. Back on the European stretch of the film’s production, we saw the pair take a walk through the streets of Prague, and now that the action has moved to New York, it feels like we’ve had a constant stream of pics and clips of this potential couple. As well showing the two engaged in a friendly conversation, these snapshots also feature Tom Holland – or at least his stunt double – make an impressive aerial maneuver around a lamppost.

While these are some welcome additions to an ever-expanding collection of set material, the photos probably won’t get the internet talking as much as the recent reveal of Spider-Man’s new red-and-black outfit. The costume was first seen in a video that surfaced last week, and is so far the second new wardrobe addition that we know to feature in next year’s release, the other being the dark stealth suit which Peter wore in Europe.

Another piece of footage that’s got fans speculating is a clip of Spidey and Zendaya swinging against a blue screen while exchanging a few words. Though the dialogue is hard to make out, some viewers have claimed that they can hear MJ refer to Peter by his real name, implying that she’s aware of his secret identity. That remains up for debate, but all will be revealed when Spider-Man: Far From Home comes out on July 5th, 2019.