Hilarious MCU Theory Says Stan Lee May Be More Powerful Than We Think


Stan Lee created huge swaths of the Marvel Universe and, if this new fan theory is correct, he also holds a weapon capable of destroying them all. Hair clippers. Yup, you read that right.

If you’ll remember, Lee’s cameo in Thor: Ragnarok featured him as the guy that gives the God of Thunder a quick gladiatorial makeover prior to his battles on Sakaar, shaving his lovely locks into more of a buzzcut. Now, cast your minds back to the scene in Avengers: Infinity War where Thor uses the star forge to create Stormbreaker. If you look closely, you’ll notice that not a hair on his head is harmed by the force of the star. So, logically, Stan Lee’s hair clippers have more destructive energy than a neutron star.

It’s a nice observation from Reddit user Akromia, with other users immediately chipping in to explain the power of these clippers. The theories range from Asgardians being more resistant to energy weapons than they are to blades – as seen by their continued reliance on bladed weapons that can slice and cut – to the fact that the clippers might be made of obsidian which “cuts between cells rather than slicing through them.”

Other users, meanwhile, go on to point out that as Thor’s the God of Thunder (and is frequently being struck by lightning), he must be extremely temperature resistant. After all, the temperature of lightning can hit 30,000 Kelvin while the surface of the sun is a ‘mere’ 6000 Kelvin.

But perhaps the best response is a person who points out that it’s not the clippers that are powerful – it’s Stan Lee himself. There’s a decent theory that all of Lee’s cameos across the Marvel movies (including the non-MCU ones) are manifestations of the same supernatural guiding presence. We already know he reports to the Watchers after Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, so perhaps the real weapon is Lee’s mind?