Star-Lord Looks Badass In This Alternate Guardians Of The Galaxy Design


Before James Gunn’s 2014 film, the Guardians of the Galaxy were C-list heroes, perhaps even D. But then Marvel introduced them to the general public and, well, we all know how that went. The ragtag crew are now some of the most loved characters in all of cinema and will soon be seen in a sequel this spring.

Perhaps the most popular of the bunch is Star-Lord, who Chris Pratt brought to life so perfectly. Among other things, fans have been vocal about the costume chosen for the hero. It’s not entirely faithful to what’s seen in the comic books, especially when you look back at how the character was portrayed when he first debuted back in 1976, but overall, people seem to be pretty happy with it.


If things had worked out differently though, we could have seen a much harsher looking Star-Lord on the big screen. Artist Andy Park has shared some new concept art today which shows us what the initial costume looked like back when the film was first announced, in 2012. The core elements remain the same, but it’s still a far cry from what we eventually got. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though.

As you can see below, it’s a badass, striking design that easily could have worked in Gunn’s movie. While we can’t say that it’s better than what we saw, we also wouldn’t have been disappointed if this was the look they ended up going with. If nothing else, it just shows how much these things change during the production process and it’s pretty interesting to see some of the early ideas Marvel had for Star-Lord.

Take a look for yourself at the art below and let us know if you think it should have been used in Guardians of the Galaxy.