Star Trek Actor Would Love To Star In A Dark Green Lantern Movie


Even though it’s been ten years and change since the infamous box office bomb hit theaters, Ryan Reynolds will never let us forget how terrible Green Lantern was. Director Martin Campbell also repeatedly blasted his own movie a couple of months back, making it increasingly likely that the future of the comic book favorite lies on the small screen.

Reboot Green Lantern Corps was announced in late 2014 as part of the DCEU, but it eventually faded away into the ether of development hell to be replaced by the upcoming HBO Max series. Putting one of the Lanterns front and center in a feature film would only invite comparisons to the 2011 disaster, so an episodic project focusing on multiple ring bearers set across different time periods was about the smartest way to wipe the slate clean.

In a new interview with ScreenRant, Star Trek: Discovery and Strange New Worlds star Anson Mount revealed that he would jump at the opportunity to star in a brand new Green Lantern film, but only if it left the comedy on the back burner to take a darker and more serious approach to the character.

“Well, they already did Green Lantern so I’m not sure I’m gonna get to do that. But I have always marveled at why that project was in development for so long and I did always wonder why it was assumed that it should be a comedy. I’m not sure not I quite get that, it’s a much more robust, at times darker, story than that.”

Maybe one day we’ll be seeing Green Lantern back on the big screen, but for now the focus is solely on the HBO Max show, which is set to be one of the platform’s top original exclusives if the creative team makes the most of the premise.