Star Trek’s Future Is Reportedly On Paramount Plus

Star Trek Beyond

We’re still no closer to finding out what the future holds for Star Trek on the big screen, but it’s already become evident that Paramount’s new streaming service is going to have a major role to play in the episodic side of the franchise.

Producer Alex Kurtzman admitted a while back that he’s got the future of the Enterprise crew and their various associates mapped out until at least 2027, but he’s going to have to knuckle down and keep coming up with fresh ideas after the studio revealed ambitious plans to have a new Star Trek show debut every quarter, vastly increasing the risk of overkill in the process.

Veteran Trek producer Ronald D. Moore recently explained why he believes the feature films have never been able to match the storytelling quality of the small screen adventures, but it’s not like fans are going to be short on content. New episodes of Discovery, Picard and Lower Decks are all in the works, with Prodigy and Strange New Worlds also on the docket, so there’s plenty of Star Trek on the horizon.

In fact, insider Daniel Richtman claims that Star Trek‘s future will largely unfold on Paramount Plus, which felt obvious given the comments already made by the higher-ups. However, the tipster also says that the platform will soon debut new Trek movies as well, although you’d imagine they won’t come armed with the $150 million budgets of the Kelvin timeline.

The last three features haven’t pulled in the sort of box office numbers to justify the investment on Paramount’s part, and if the new service catches on in the way the boardroom are hoping it will, then Star Trek could be established as its marquee property and main selling point for years to come.