Star Wars: 10 Characters Who Could Be The Last Jedi


UPDATE: Reports are claiming that the title is actually plural, but Disney has not confirmed it yet.

Despite being only ten months away now, we still know practically nothing about Rian Johnson’s Episode VIII. Except, the title of the movie, that is, which knocked the internet off kilter when it was revealed the other week. Just what can we glean about the film from the moniker Star Wars: The Last Jedi, though?

Unsurprisingly, the web has become rife with theories about who or what the title could be referring to. Does it mean a singular last Jedi or a bunch of them (Jedi is also the plural term – there’s no such thing as Jedis)? Furthermore, do the titles of Episodes VI-IX form a sentence? The Force Awakens The Last Jedi…..? The list goes on and some of the stuff that people have come up with is pretty interesting.

With just how much chatter there’s been lately though, it’d be easy to lose track of all the theories. Lucky for you then, we’ve compiled a handy guide of all the major suspects in regards to who the title could refer to, in order of the least likely to the most obvious.

Take a look at what speculation is pointing towards and feel free to drop us a comment in the usual place letting us know your own thoughts on what The Last Jedi might mean.