Star Wars: 10 Characters Who Could Be The Last Jedi

10)  Jedidiah


To start with, here’s one candidate we’re willing to bet money is not the last Jedi. However, we’d be remiss if we didn’t at least give him a mention.

When Episode VIII‘s title was announced, hardcore fans recalled issue #49 of Marvel’s old Star Wars comic book series. Published in 1981, it was called, wouldn’t you know it, The Last Jedi. So, coincidence… or not? Fuel was added to the rumour mill when Star Wars story development executive Pablo Hidalgo (often called “the Yoda of Lucasfilm”) posted the cover of the comic on Twitter:

We’re not sure we should read too much into this, however, as Hidalgo has a history of teasing and trolling the fans. Besides, the issue itself is pretty odd. In the story, Luke encounters a simple-minded alien called Jedidiah who, before a tragic accident caused him to suffer from brain damage, was once signed up to train as a Jedi knight. When Luke’s in trouble, Jedi – as is his nickname – sacrifices himself to save the boy.

Despite the similarity of the titles, it’s fair to say that it would take quite a mental leap to imagine that Disney and Lucasfilm are really about to base their next movie on this strange obscure comic (a Jedi called Jedidiah? Really?).