Ray Park’s Wife Issues Statement On Star Wars Actor’s Scandal

Darth Maul

Star Wars actor Ray Park is generally considered a chilled out, friendly guy. That reputation made it all the more shocking when a video was posted to his Instagram account last week showing him receiving oral sex from his wife, Lisa Park. Theories as to why this happened began flying around. Some claimed Park’s account had been hacked, some figured Park had uploaded it accidentally and some said that Park had made it public as a form of revenge against his wife for having an affair.

The waters were further muddied when a Snapchat message appeared from someone claiming to be Park’s daughter, saying that he was abusive and neglectful towards his children. Social media predictably went bananas, with fans disowning the actor and demanding that Disney and Lucasfilm recast the role of Darth Maul.

Now, in an attempt to clear things up, Lisa Park has posted an image on her Instagram page which explains that the video was indeed uploaded by mistake, that it’s incredibly hurtful that people believe she’s been unfaithful, that the messages from her children were maliciously faked and that the entire family is suffering because of the story.

Thankfully, this seems to have done the job, with many of the Twitter accounts who’d been stoking the fires of controversy apologizing to her and saying they’d been fed misinformation.

It remains to be seen whether Park will suffer any major hit to his career, though I can’t imagine Disney is particularly happy about any of this. If Park really did mistakenly did post this video, then at minimum he owes his wife and children a huge apology. But for now, all we can do is take Lisa Park at her word and hope the family can work this difficult situation out in private.