Star Wars: Episode IX Behind The Scenes Featurette Said To Drop This Month


Earlier this month, the popular rumor was that the first trailer for the upcoming Star Wars: Episode IX will be dropping by Christmas, but as the 25th grows ever nearer with no sign of a preview on the horizon, the internet seems to have lowered their expectations a little to suggest that while a full-on teaser seems very unlikely, we can still hold out hope that Lucasfilm will be sending some material our way before the year is out.

A few days ago, a report from Star Wars News Net relayed intel that Episode IX material would be coming our way “anywhere up to Christmas Day,” and while the site stressed that the source is trusted and “knows what they’re talking about,” they added that the footage is more likely to be a behind the scenes featurette, rather than a proper trailer. And with this current weekend kicking off with no preview to play at theaters, this featurette idea is starting to look like the last great hope for Star Wars fans starved for content.

Indeed, the narrative offered by Trailer Track is much the same, with the site arguing that if a teaser was soon to arrive then it would “be online by now,” and while it would’ve been nice to finish 2018 on a bigger Episode IX­-related note than a BTS video, fans will likely take what they can get after months of Lucasfilm remaining tight-lipped on the project.

As for when this video might be arriving, the internet has yet to come to a consensus, though one recent rumor is that it could drop on Christmas Day. Regardless, it’s now less than a year before we get to see the film in full, with Star Wars: Episode IX scheduled to hit theaters on December 20th, 2019.