Star Wars: Episode IX Leak Teases A New Clone Army


In these last few days, a couple of photos of Star Wars: Episode IX crew gear have been making the rounds that seem to display part of the design of a new Stormtrooper helmet. Many fans have already pounced on the red version of this design as the latest piece of evidence that some red troopers will be entering the fray, and now, courtesy of Epicstream, we have a new theory suggesting the return of a familiar soldier.

In the image below, shared by Jason Ward of Making Star Wars, you’ll see a shape that’s reminiscent of the standard First Order Stormtrooper’s face, but with at least one clear difference: the line that cuts down the middle. With that in mind, it’s been observed that the helmet bears some resemblance to the Clone trooper designs from the saga’s Prequel Trilogy years (see the second slide below for comparison).

In the theory’s defense, Kylo Ren briefly suggested using “a clone army” in The Force Awakens, and with the villain now at the top of the First Order totem pole and J.J. Abrams back on directing duties, perhaps we’ll find that there’s more to this reference than a simple, nostalgic callback. That being said, a single line on a helmet design is a petty thin basis for a theory, so we certainly wouldn’t take this speculation all that seriously until some further evidence emerges.

As for those rumors of a new, red Stormtrooper joining in on the action, the evidence is certainly mounting, but here’s hoping the film’s first trailer can provide some confirmation. If not, then we’ll at least find out if the hearsay has it right when Star Wars: Episode IX hits theaters on December 20th, 2019.

Source: EpicStream