Star Wars: Episode IX Report Teases New Details On The Knights Of Ren


By now, we’ve been privy to enough reports of the Knights of Ren featuring in Star Wars: Episode IX for the claim to sound genuinely credible, but according to the sources of Making Star Wars, not everything we’ve heard is correct.

In a report published earlier this weekend, it’s asserted that the recent rumor of Matt Smith playing one of the Knights of Ren is, in fact, false. On top of that, the report says that the group will not be all or mostly female, but acknowledges that this rumor may have been rooted in the production’s use of female stunt performers for the Knights. Lastly, it’s alleged that the Knights will not be the main villains of the film, but that a major threat is still expected to emerge from something called The Beyond.

If all they say is true, then it seems we still have a fair few mysteries to solve around Episode IX and Kylo’s deadly peers. At the same time, the report also doubles down on the previous claim that the movie’s events will be driven by a “controversial” MacGuffin. The article adds that the plot device in question “evolves as the story progresses,” meaning that we “won’t begin the film with everyone searching for something right off the bat.”

On top of that, the report teases scenes between Rey and Leia Organa, asserting that Daisy Ridley has reverted to her old hairstyle from The Force Awakens in order to match with unused footage that features herself and the late Carrie Fisher. Though this and other recent claims from MSW have yet to be confirmed, we’ll see how much the report gets right when Star Wars: Episode IX hits theaters on December 20th, 2019.