Awesome Star Wars Fan Art Makes Anakin’s Transformation Even More Gruesome


The transformation of Anakin’s burned body to the suit he wore in the Original Trilogy was already a brutal scene in Revenge of the Sith, but new Star Wars fan art has taken it a level deeper which makes the ordeal all the more terrifying to watch.

Ever since the conception of the Prequel Trilogy, especially after the release of The Phantom Menace, fans have wondered about how an innocent young boy like Anakin Skywalker could turn into a villainous being like Darth Vader. While we got our answers in the third installment, we never imagined that Anakin burning on the slopes of a lava planet while Obi-Wan watched would be the thing that’d lead to the creation of Darth Vader’s suit.

Yet, that’s exactly how it happened. Sensing his new apprentice’s pain, Emperor Palpatine rushed to save him, leading to one of the movie’s most brutal scenes as a disfigured Anakin turns into Darth Vader via machinery.

As if the movie’s depiction and Hayden Christensen’s suppressed groans didn’t already give us enough brutal imagery, this fan art from Daniel Warren Johnson gives us a new look at the scene. This time, though, Anakin’s face, his charred body, and the machines working to change him are infinitely more terrifying to behold.

Of curse, this served as one of the most defining moments in Revenge of the Sith and the Prequel Trilogy as a whole. In fact, while some think that Disney doesn’t even like to acknowledge the existence of that era, Rian Johnson once admitted that the moment when Vader’s mask comes down to fit on Anakin’s face from his POV is one of the best scenes in cinematic history.

Credit where credit’s due, as George Lucas did a great job with the visual representation of Star Wars, if little else. At least when it comes to the Prequels.

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