Star Wars Fans Now Debating Whether The First Order Was Socially Progressive

Star Wars The First Order

When George Lucas was busy with the worldbuilding aspects of Star Wars, he decided to include a lot of allegorical social themes in the narrative.

For instance, the man himself once claimed that the war between the Empire and the Rebellion is basically an analogy for the Vietnam War. This especially became apparent during the Galactic Republic era, where the Clone War served as an homage to the Civil War. I mean, it doesn’t get any clearer than the Senate going to war with the Confederacy of Independent Systems aka ‘the Separatists.’ But what about Disney’s Sequel Trilogy? In a time when even the independent productions throughout the entertainment industry have some political significance, what does Star Wars have to say about modern issues?

Well, it seems that fans are now busy having a discourse over the policies of the First Order. It’s not futile when you’ve got a lot of time on your hands, and we sure have plenty thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.  So, what to do other than discuss the social progressiveness within Snoke and Kylo Ren’s merciless legion? A user on Reddit started the talk as sort of a shower thought, but it managed to spark a bit of debate between fans.

One user pointed out that the First Order is actually really progressive. Not only are women allowed in leadership positions, but there are also female stormtroopers and people of color, namely FN-2187 aka Finn. Okay, maybe not that progressive when it comes to naming their slave troopers, but you get the idea. Still, it’s an interesting argument, especially if you want to disregard the fact that despite their advocating attitude, their ultimate goal is bringing death and destruction to all who oppose subjugation.

Star Wars being what it is, this will probably get a lot of traction online. What’s your opinion, though? As usual, sound off with your thoughts in the comments down below.