‘Star Wars’ fans feeling sympathetic for franchise’s ultimate canon fodder

Star Wars: The Force Awakens poster
Image via Lucasfilm

In the Star Wars franchise, a lot of side characters get fed through the meat grinder. Over the years audiences have seen waves of storm and clone troopers mowed down and, while some now have character depth, fans are empathizing with another group now.

The above post on the Reddit social networking site has unleashed a wave of positive sentiment about the Trade Federation’s grunts as of this story’s filing. One of the core arguments expressed is their ineptitude throughout the films and related media shows they are hardly threatening and if you pay attention to the dialogue, the franchise discriminates a lot towards intelligent life.

Other views people are expressing include the idea the droids were intentionally made dumb so as to not have a Terminator-like situation throughout the galaxy. Another says this behavior we see on screen is a result of Palpatine’s scheming in order to ensure a win that would cement his path to power, and, for another, their actions make sense if you bring our universe’s business logic in.

Others are also advocating for Star Wars to clarify just how in control of their actions the franchise’s robots are, and, later in the discussion, one man admits his partner feels bad for the creations and even can be moved emotionally when too many of them die.

Battle droids of this type have recently appeared in Star Wars: The Bad Batch on Disney Plus. It is streaming new episodes now. They are also in the movies and make a number of appearances in novels and a countless amount of tie-in video game releases.