Star Wars Fans Freaking Out Over New Boba Fett Trademark Filing

Boba Fett

It’s been heavily rumored over the last couple of months that The Mandalorian will feature the return of Boba Fett. And now, a new trademark filing by Lucasfilm has got Star Wars fans even more excited about the prospect of the legendary bounty hunter making a comeback.

For a character who barely has 10 minutes of screen time in the entire Skywalker Saga, it’s surprising just how much the fandom of that galaxy far, far away wants the Kaminoian clone back. And after so many years, Jon Favreau is finally going to make this happen in his Disney+ series, or so we’re told. If the hearsay is anything to go by, however, Lucasfilm has big plans for Fett’s return. In fact, apart from an alleged appearance in The Mandalorian, there’s also talk of a live-action spinoff series.

If you’re still skeptical of these reports, though, the company’s new filing for the Boba Fett trademark is sure to hype you up for the future of the eponymous character in Star Wars.

As you’d expect, social media is firing up with excitement, though a lot of fans are still trying to make sense of the new development. One theory is that the studio wants to sell merchandise given Fett’s role in The Mandalorian, which is why they updated the trademark.

Others, meanwhile, seem to think that this could be a series of books filling in the gaps between the bounty hunter’s journey, and below, you can see just a sample of what folks are saying about it.

The move itself, especially two days before the premiere of The Mandalorian season 2, is interesting, to say the least. But in any event, Star Wars fans will definitely be glad to know that there’ll be more of the antagonistic mercenary in the future.