Star Wars Fans Have Mixed Emotions On Rogue Squadron’s Indefinite Delay

patty jenkins

There was a lot of excitement when Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins was first announced to be helming Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, with the filmmaker having crafted what remains the most critically acclaimed installment in DCEU history.

However, those expectations were tempered somewhat when the wildly polarizing 1984 hit theaters and streaming last year, with Jenkins’ assertions that she’d been handed a lot of creative freedom on her trip to a galaxy far, far away sounding more like an ominous warning to some fans.

The project was locked in for a December 22, 2023 release date until yesterday, with Rogue Squadron officially being delayed for an unspecified amount of time. Based on the reactions below, it looks as though some Star Wars supporters have been hit harder by the news than others.

Based on comments by Jenkins, she was hoping to create her own version of Top Gun set in the Star Wars universe, drawing inspiration from both the franchise’s expansive lore and her own experiences, with her father a pilot who tragically died at the age of 31 during a mock dogfight. Whatever Rogue Squadron turns out to be in the end, we won’t be seeing it for a while.