Tons Of Star Wars Fans Are Showing Their Love For The Prequel Trilogy

Darth Maul

The Star Wars prequels have always been heavily criticized, certainly by the generation that grew up with the Original Trilogy. But in recent years, thanks to the generation that grew up with them instead coming of age and new fans coming to them from the Disney era content, their reputation has vastly improved. Recently, Twitter has been filled with praise for George Lucas’ second trilogy, with fans sharing what they love about the movies.

It all started with this tweet, which encouraged people to share “a genuinely nice thing” about The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. 

As you may have already seen, even The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson responded to this tweet, penning an eloquent defence of the prequels, which he labelled “gorgeous.” He wasn’t the only Star Wars filmmaker to get involved with the prequel love, either. Solo screenwriter Jon Kasdan spotlighted the awesomeness of this teaser poster.

This fan, meanwhile, decided that saying one genuinely nice thing about the prequels was too limiting.

You have to admit the costumes were *chef’s kiss*

Ewan McGregor was in them. That is all.

McGregor’s turn as Obi-Wan was a positive that a lot of people mentioned, actually. Plus, several noted the prescient political commentary.


This is a take!

Mythbusters‘ Adam Savage, who provided model work on the prequels, reminded us that – however they turned out – a lot of talented people worked hard on them and had a blast doing it.

It’s interesting how the general perception of the prequels has changed over time, especially now that they’re old enough to be considered “original Star Wars” to many fans. Who knows how the way they’re viewed by the fandom will continue to evolve over time, though. The same goes for the Sequel Trilogy, which currently suffers a similar level of criticism that the prequels once did.

To carry on the spirit of these tweets, though, let us know your favorite thing about the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy in the comments below.