Star Wars: The Last Jedi Director Explains What Makes The Prequels Great

Liam Neeson Star Wars

Despite the fact that most people hate Rian Johnson for taking Star Wars: The Last Jedi in a unique direction, the filmmaker has shown time and again that not only is his knowledge of that galaxy far, far away extensive, but he’s also a huge advocate of the Prequel Trilogy.

Johnson’s middle act in Disney’s Sequel Trilogy is one of the most divisive films in history, but Star Wars is no stranger to fans being divided over a piece of media. Of course, the Prequel Trilogy may have received a mixed reaction from both the audience and critics, but it was nowhere near as bad as the debate that The Last Jedi has continuously provoked over the past two years. Whether you believe Episode VIII to be the best movie in the saga or think that there isn’t a single redeemable thing about Johnson’s work, we can’t deny that the man knows his Star Wars.

After RPG game designer Scott Malthouse recently rekindled the conversation about the Prequels by asking people to say “something genuinely nice” about them, Johnson joined the conversation and revealed what he loves about George Lucas’ work with the second trilogy.

“Lucas made a gorgeous 7 hour long movie for children about how entitlement and fear of loss turns good people into fascists, and did it while spearheading nearly every technical sea change in modern filmmaking of the past 30 years,” He wrote on Twitter.

Some of the director’s most zealous haters have often said that Johnson is a narcissist for doing what he thought was right with Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but I think we all share his sentiments about Lucas’ vision which turned that galaxy far, far away into one of the most immersive fictional worlds that have stood the test of time.

Tell us, though, what are your thoughts on the Prequels? And how do they compare with the Mouse House’s Sequel Trilogy? Sound off in the usual place below.