Star Wars Fans Will Soon Be Able To Visit Galaxy’s Edge From The Comfort Of Their Home


The COVID-19 pandemic has effectively halted our social lives, causing people to hold off on visiting theme parks or any other place that hosts a large crowd. Galaxy’s Edge was another victim of distancing laws, but Disney has now made it possible for Star Wars fans to visit the park from the comfort of their couch – hypothetically speaking.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge not only gives diehard fans the opportunity to immerse themselves in a town that would exist in that galaxy far, far away, but the 14-acre park has a lot of attractions from the Mouse House’s Sequel Trilogy to keep you busy. From Rey and the rest of the Resistance heroes casually strolling around to Kylo Ren and his ruthless Stormtroopers sweeping the area, Galaxy’s Edge is both entertaining and exhilarating to behold.

And if not for that, there are countless shops and spots throughout the park that simulate the experience of living in the world of Star Wars, including Savi’s Workshop, where people can build and buy their own customized lightsaber, and Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities, a store that houses purchasable Jedi and Sith artifacts.

If you miss the experience of visiting the park or haven’t got the chance to do so yet, especially amid the current outbreak of the infectious coronavirus disease, then Cole Horton’s Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge: Traveler’s Guide to Batuu can now help you relive those moments or learn about them for the first time.

“We always had in mind that this could be for people who hadn’t yet been to the land and it could also be for people who have been to Galaxy’s Edge,” the writer says in a recent interview to promote the book.

Horton adds that he never anticipated writing the book in the middle of a pandemic, but it can serve as a way for people to go to Galaxy’s Edge without having to leave their homes.

“I’m even more excited that this is gonna be out there in the world,” he continues. “And hopefully, it provides people a way of experiencing Batuu while we’re all sheltering in place.”

The narrative will move forward from the perspective of Eloc Thorno and his companion droid. As they move along, the droid will “scan and gather more technical information” as well as details which will be presented to you in a way that “you would only know if you had been there.”

To go through the Star Wars theme park for the first time or even reminisce about the time you were there, be sure to buy the new book on July 21st.