The Good And The Bad Of Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Imagine the feeling of having two passions merge, and you might have an idea of what it is like to be a writer, and film fan, who gets to write about movies. To spend time carefully selecting words, constructing sentences and moulding paragraphs to accurately reflect the tempest of ideas in your mind regarding a piece of cinema is truly a privilege. But, what if a third, more specific passion entered the mix? What if you were a writer, and a film fan, who also loves Star Wars – and suddenly a brand new Star Wars movie is released? It is safe to say that there has been much joy and excitement among the ranks at We Got This Covered since Star Wars: The Force Awakens soared into cinemas earlier this month.

You could argue that writers who are film fans that love Star Wars are possibly the hardest to please when it comes to new instalments in that particular franchise. We know the material, we can tell you exactly why it works and why we love it, and we know what we want from a sequel. Most importantly, it is our well-reasoned love of the franchise that makes us pre-disposed to view any new additions with a critical eye – calling out anything that does not make the grade.

So, it seemed only right and proper that, with the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, those writers among us that felt compelled to do so should offer our readers our considered, personal opinion – not only because this is such a popular franchise, but because this is a title that has influenced movies in ways that no other project ever has.


Since its celluloid birth in 1977, Star Wars has shaped the way we experience film. Advances in sound and special effects made specifically for these films have been adopted by filmmakers across the world, in every genre. References to the franchise can be found throughout popular culture, including film and television, and every time you see a movie tie-in with some other brand, it can be traced straight back to Star Wars – because the franchise is solely responsible for the modern-day approach to movie marketing and merchandising. Then there’s the fact that, if it weren’t for Star Wars, we probably wouldn’t have Indiana Jones, either – at least, not as we know him, anyway.

For anyone below the age of 40, an entire lifetime of movie-going experience has been framed by the legacy of Star Wars. Like the films or not, that’s just an inescapable fact. What it means, though, is that the arrival of Star Wars: The Force Awakens is more than just a film release – it is a seismic cultural event, and it is one that lands squarely our wheelhouse.

So, here we are – writers who are film fans that love Star Wars. We come from all walks of life, and are spread across the globe, but we’ve come together to share our reactions to the re-boot of the most influential film franchise in cinematic history. There were things that we loved, and things that we loathed, and we’ve set it all out for you, word by word…

Be warned, however – spoilers lurk within.

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