Finn And Poe Definitely Seem Like A Couple In New Star Wars: Galaxy Of Adventures Episode

Finn and Poe in Star Wars
Image via Disney/Lucasfilm

Say what you will about the Sequel Trilogy, but we can’t deny that the chemistry between the main characters was off the charts. This was especially apparent in the last Star Wars movie when the three came together and went on a quest to find the whereabouts of Palpatine.

But even before that, we shouldn’t forget that Disney’s followup story started with an unlikely pairing: a Resistance pilot in custody and a Stormtrooper who was unsure of his allegiance. Even then, in The Force Awakens, Finn and Poe were a powerful duo. Yet, as their story evolved over the years, they essentially became one of the best bromances in the history of that galaxy far, far away.

Still, despite the Mouse House maintaining that they’re brothers, comrades in arms, if you will, some people insist on taking it a step further and claim that they’re attracted to each other. And the fact that Oscar Isaac and John Boyega want to see this happen as well is essentially like pouring gasoline on the fire. Even J.J. Abrams reportedly wanted to include a romance between the two in The Rise of Skywalker, but Kathleen Kennedy overruled this idea since it would affect the movie’s overseas performance.

If you’re one of those fans who wanted to see Finn and Poe interact more in the Sequel Trilogy, though, the new episode of Galaxy of Adventures, which you see above, will quench your thirst. In fact, what’s interesting is that if we take this short animation out of context, then it’s clear that the two being a couple is heavily implied.

It’s a pity that the Mouse House didn’t go through with the plan to make them an item, specifically since The Rise of Skywalker actually hints at this. Remember how Poe acted jealous when Finn wanted to tell something to Rey, or when Finn acted sassy when Rey asked about Poe’s “bad mood” in the film’s opening act?

Of course, we may yet see the two in future Star Wars projects and hopefully, without these marketing gimmicks holding them back, their relationship will evolve even more.