Star Wars: The High Republic Infographic Reveals Character Relationships


After the rubbish Rise of Skywalker, I’m ready to leave behind the tangled Skywalker saga and enjoy Star Wars: The High Republic. This is essentially a clean slate for creators taking place many years before The Phantom Menace, allowing it to be recognizable as Star Wars while having entirely new characters and settings. It was due to launch last fall, but because of COVID-19-related delays, Lucasfilm announced that The High Republic will now begin in January.

We’ve already seen previews of what’s to come, including extracts from novels and pages from comics, and we’ve also received an “opening crawl” explaining the situation. Now, with Charles Soule’s Light of the Jedi finally out in the wild, Star Wars Libricomics has created a detailed infographic showing us how the new characters fit together.

Check it out below:

At first glance, this is complicated stuff. Hell, even at second glance it’s still a bit of a tangle. But the picture does reveal which characters will be in which books, their personal connection to one another, their Jedi rank and even their lightsaber color. I’m particularly looking forward to seeing a younger Yoda in action. Sure, he’ll still be 700-ish years old by this point, but it’ll be interesting to learn whether he’s similar to the familiar Yoda. After all, the character evolved significantly over the course of the nine Skywalker saga movies, so we could be surprised by a very different Jedi Master than we’re used to.

The only real shame is that The High Republic has taken so long to get here. This stuff would have been a perfect way to while away the hours with during lockdown, especially as theaters were closed and most major films saw delays. Oh well, at least we got The Mandalorian‘s kickass second season to tide us over.