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‘Star Wars’ stans share their one-word fixes for the sequel trilogy

No one thinks the sequels were great, even if they did make money.

It’s no secret that the Star Wars trilogy sequel movies aren’t the fan’s favorites – especially Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Now fans are discussing what would make those movies better. Over on the Star Wars subreddit, user sexual–chocolate posted about the issue with a post titled: “One word that would have made the sequels a lot better: commitment.”

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“[The] trilogy would’ve ended on a much stronger note if they had simply committed to the plot points established in 8 when they made 9,” they said. “… The entire thing is just a terrible fever dream.”

Considering that Rise of Skywalker was the lowest-grossing of all the Star Wars movies, OP has a pretty valid point.

Some points of contention? “Leia force flying” instead of dying, and not letting Finn die when “he was going to sacrifice himself. … [Many] things that [were] deeply terrible about 9 is that they clearly had no idea what to do with him as a character.”

User Snoo_79693 said that there was a better word than commitment.

While that feels like a little much, it’s a valid argument nonetheless. Obviously, they planned, but did they plan enough? Or did they assume that fans would just eat up whatever Disney threw at them?

User nahnprophet blamed something else for the lackluster trilogy – the director.

Harsh! Nobody tell Abrams about this comment, as it just feels mean. But it’s also kind of a compliment, albeit a backhanded one.

User BrandonL337 used a word that doesn’t necessarily offer an improvement as much as a criticism: unplanned.

While it does feel like this, something tells me this wasn’t the producer’s intention. This idea of randomness had a lot of people using the word “shocking.”

User AbattoirOfDuty said: “The ‘shocking’ part was how any billion-dollar franchise could have treated such an important trilogy sequel so cavalierly.”

Translation: why isn’t this as good as the original? Although, valid.

Darksol503 was also bothered by the seeming laissez-faire attitude of producers.

It looks like the main issue isn’t what they did do, but what they didn’t. Hopefully, Disney takes these kinds of criticisms to heart and corrects some of the issues when it comes to future sequels.

Regardless, all nine of the Star Wars trilogy films are available to view on Disney Plus.

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