Star Wars’ Oscar Isaac And John Boyega Are Teasing FinnPoe From Isolation

Finn and Poe in Star Wars

We might be stuck in our homes as the world faces a serious health crisis, but nothing can stop the FinnPoe train.

Star Wars lovers have been shipping the former Stormtrooper and his Resistance pilot best bud since The Force Awakens and John Boyega and Oscar Isaac’s own real-life friendship has only fueled their fan favorite status. In fact, the pair have always encouraged the ship. And, even stuck in self-isolation, the two stars are continuing to deliver the FinnPoe content we need in these troubled times.

Over the weekend, Boyega took to his Instagram to share a short video. “I promise you all that I won’t post any singing videos at this time but I hope this video is okay?” the Finn actor joked, in reference to Gal Gadot’s infamous “Imagine” video. The mysterious clip opens with a shot of a bathroom before the camera spins around to show Isaac wearing a FinnPoe t-shirt. “I’m ready,” the Poe Dameron performer says. “Let’s do this.”

It’s currently unclear what exactly Isaac is ready to do, but it seems like the pair might have another longer collaboration coming up soon. So, keep your eye on Boyega’s Instagram and Twitter for more. If this is it, though, then at least they’ve given us the gift of seeing Isaac wearing that shirt. By the way, it reads “J&O – Bestest Friends in the Galaxy.”

There were high hopes that Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker would make a relationship between the duo a reality, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. Both actors have voiced displeasure with this, too, with Isaac revealing the very interesting fact that the filmmaking team were on board with the decision but that Disney vetoed it.

Both actors have said they’re hesitant to return for a Disney Plus show, even though it’s believed Lucasfilm wants them to. So, we should definitely make the most of any further videos the two Star Wars actors share on social media.