Star Wars Strikes Back With Another Trilogy Starting In 2015

From the sounds of it, Lucas isn’t completely giving all control to Disney. Igor also said that the deal came with an extensive and detailed plan for the next three films. That really is good news, because the last thing fans would want to see is the story deviate from the path its creator intended for it to take.

To all those overly cautious fans too pessimistic to get excited by this news: Yes, I know many fans were disappointed by the second trilogy, claiming it didn’t live up to the galaxy high standard set by the original films, and while that may be a valid point, the original trilogy is without a doubt one of the greatest trilogies of all time, so to expect the same is asking to be disappointed.

That being said, episodes 1-3 still were quality films, and built the story and the world in an invaluable way. The mistakes fans think the prequel films made will certainly be taken into account, and if done well these next three should be absolutely incredible (plus the odds of Jar Jar appearing again are slim to none.)

The $4 billion is a staggering number, but when you consider the Star Wars films have raked in a total of $4.4 billion worldwide, and how box office records are being consistently challenged in recent years, it sounds like Disney got a pretty sweet deal.

2015 sounds incredibly ambitious, but considering that year is already known to include The Avengers 2 and The Justice League Movie, I think it’s safe to say that it will  be the greatest year for geek movies of all time.

Odds are pre-production is already underway, so there should be some big news coming about the film very soon, which we’ll report as we hear it.

Will the force be with these new films? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.