The Last Jedi: Adam Driver Gets Candid About Carrie Fisher’s Words Of Wisdom


Despite their on-screen relation, Adam Driver and Carrie Fisher’s respective characters never actually shared any scenes during The Force Awakens, but that’s all about to change come December.

In light of Star Wars: The Last Jedi‘s full-length trailer, the Internet has been busy combing through each and every frame, trying to deduce Kylo Ren’s rationale, among many, many other story trinkets. Common logic dictates that Driver’s budding Sith will attempt to murder his mother in cold blood (remember Han Solo’s final scene?) and therefore push himself further into Snoke’s scarred, wanting hands.

But there has been evidence to suggest that Kylo Ren will actually freeze at the crucial moment. Let’s not forget that Rian Johnson vowed to write Leia Organa out of the Star Wars saga, which leads us to believe that the Resistance Leader will live to see another day.

Regardless, as part of his recent GQ spread, in which Driver seemingly spilled the beans on Rey’s parentage, The Last Jedi actor then recalled the words of wisdom given to him by the late, great Carrie Fisher.

Fisher’s final moments in the franchise will no doubt have us reaching for the tissues, particularly as The Last Jedi is due to arrive two weeks before the first anniversary of her death. Still, in honor of her lasting legacy, Adam Driver recalled the advice Carrie Fisher gave him on set.

The whole cast was downstairs in a conference room, talking through what’s supposed to happen at this big event. She was like, ‘Just pretend you’re down to earth. People love that shit.’ So now I pretend I’m down to earth and you know what? People really do love that shit. They eat it up. It’s hard to talk about it without saying generic things. Like, ‘It’s shocking,’ but it was. Or ‘It’s incredibly sad,’ which it is. I mean, it is all of those things.

Said to include a fitting send-off for General Leia Organa, Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be with us on December 15th.