Is Snoke Merely Testing Kylo Ren’s Loyalty In Star Wars: The Last Jedi?


The hype train for Star Wars: The Last Jedi continues to plow through the very fabric of the Internet, unearthing high-res images and far-flung theories as it goes. And trust us when we say that there has been no shortage of the latter.

Take Mike Zeroh as an example. The self-professed Star Wars aficionado continues to roll out one speculative video after another, and the latest places a laser focus on the fiery dynamic between Supreme Leader Snoke and his would-be apprentice, Kylo Ren.

Ever since The Last Jedi‘s latest trailer, there have been whispers that Snoke is primed to reject Kylo in favor of Rey, Daisy Ridley’s Jakku orphan (?) who is now in the company of Luke Skywalker. But Zeroh goes one step further to suggest that Snoke is merely using Rey as a means of putting Kylo Ren’s loyalty to the test. This theory is supposedly backed up by Lucasfilm’s novelization for The Force Awakens.

In the novelization lies something very intriguing. Snoke tells Kylo Ren about the girl, and he said, ‘you have compassion for her’, as if he’s suspicious of Kylo Ren’s emotions towards Rey. He denies it, he goes, ‘no, never’. From that point forward, applying that to a possible scene in which we have both Snoke and Kylo Ren looking at Rey being tortured, could very well be Snoke testing Kylo Ren’s loyalty and see if he’ll intervene to stop Snoke. Maybe to see if he flinches, or [has] emotions for Rey, or feeling bad for her. I think there could be a test here.

It’s certainly not outside the realm of possibility, as it would also negate those claims that Rey is about to succumb to the dark side of the Force – should Zeroh’s allegations ring true, Daisy Ridley’s heroine will simply be caught between two evil titans.

I think it’s a big, big possibility that maybe Kylo Ren brings Rey to Snoke and that was his way of proving himself. And Snoke wants to take it to the extreme and really make sure Kylo Ren is still loyal to him.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi shoots for theaters on December 15th. It’ll be followed in quick succession by Solo: A Star Wars Story (May 25th, 2018), and the so-far untitled Episode IX, which is coming by way of J.J. Abrams and Chris Terrio (Justice League) following the swift removal of Colin Trevorrow from his post.