Mark Hamill Addresses The Last Jedi’s ‘Evil Luke’ Theorists…Again


Not for the first time, Mark Hamill has weighed in on all of those ‘evil Luke’ conspiracies doing the rounds online.

Ever since The Last Jedi‘s inaugural teaser, in which the Tatooine farm-boy-turned-Jedi-Master uttered the by-now infamous line, “it’s time for the Jedi…to end,” a vocal pocket of Star Wars fans have come to the conclusion that Hamill’s exiled hermit is about to wander over to the dark side – if he hasn’t already. There’s also the possibility that Luke Skywalker has grown to become a Gray Jedi, which is to say that Luke has distanced himself from the High Council and no longer abides by the Jedi code. But not so fast.

In light of Star Wars: The Last Jedi‘s Japanese poster, which places Daisy Ridley’s Rey head and shoulders above everyone else – Luke included – Mark Hamill took to Twitter (via Screen Rant) to poke fun at all those ‘evil Luke’ theorists, who were led to believe that the composition of The Last Jedi‘s latest one-sheet was rather telling.

But it seems those assumptions and far-flung theories couldn’t be further from the truth, as Hamill recently drew attention to The Last Jedi‘s poster, in which Rey is seen looming in the background – a fixture of other Star Wars films, which traditionally place their villain in the backdrop.

On December 15th, Disney and Lucasfilm will unleash Star Wars: The Last Jedi for all the world to see. Nipping at the heels of Rian Johnson’s sci-fi sequel is Solo: A Star Wars Story, the Ron Howard-directed anthology pic that underwent a fairly huge shake-up back in June. It’s still “amazing,” though, according to Thandie Newton, which leads us to believe that it’ll be able to channel the spirit of Rogue One in six months’ time.