Homophobia has no place in a galaxy far, far away, official Star Wars Twitter account says

star wars calls out homophobia
Credit: Star Wars / Twitter / @starwars

The official Star Wars socials team just ion blasted a homophobic so-called “fan”. Turns out LGBTQIA+ hate has no place in a galaxy far, far away.

The Star Wars Twitter page shared a post about a special Pride Month cover of Star Wars: Bounty Hunters’ 24th issue by Jan Bazaldua on Wednesday. It was a pretty harmless image with the Star Wars font in front of a rainbow background at the bottom left corner of the cover.

But one cranky fanboy felt that was tOo MuCh PoLiTiCs. In a reply, the triggered in question remarked the Star Wars team needs to stop making things political. The official Twitter account then clapped back in a reply and reminded them that queer visibility isn’t political.

They also called out the faulty argument in claiming Star Wars already isn’t political. It’s a series about intergalactic warfare. A tale of good vs evil, political corruption, and groups of marginalized people rebelling against fascist empires. Sounds like politics to me, baby!

“Queer characters existing isn’t political [and] Star Wars is literals in our name.”

The reply was celebrated among LGBTQIA+ Star Wars fans and their allies. The original tweet with the comic cover had roughly 6400 likes as of publishing. But the account’s reply had 28K. Thousands of fans celebrated the official channel for finally using its platform.

Others wished it took a stand when John Boyega and Kellie Marie Tran were copping abuse online for being actors of color in the franchise.

The official Star Wars Twitter page called out the racism Obi-Wan Kenobi star Moses Ingram has faced since appearing on the Disney Plus show.

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