Starbucks Now Offering Tasty It: Chapter Two-Themed Frappuccino

It: Chapter Two

Pennywise the Dancing Clown from It: Chapter Two seems to terrorize the Losers’ Club no matter where they go in the town of Derry, Maine. That includes the local Starbucks, too.

The coffeehouse chain is getting into the Halloween spirit a bit early this year by selling It-themed Frappuccinos. Which means customers can now be frightened by the horrifying clown even if they don’t live in Derry.

The drink comes off of the “secret menu” and has reportedly been available since 2017. The recent release of the sequel, however, has led to a resurgence in its popularity and many diehard fans of the franchise are now discovering the beverage for the first time. Some locations are even proudly advertising the drink in-store.

Baristas on social media have warned against ordering this as the “It Frappucino,” though, as it may confuse some of the staff. Instead, they advise requesting a “vanilla bean Frappuccino with strawberry purée on top.” This ensures that there’ll be no confusion as to what you want.

Due to the way the drink is made, the strawberry drizzle will look like blood as it seeps through the beverage and anyone who’s already seen Chapter Two knows just how much blood’s in the movie. Meanwhile, the strawberries on top will resemble Pennywise’s signature red balloons that often foreshadow his appearance.

Despite disappointing reviews from critics, It: Chapter Two ended up being a massive success at the box office. Director Andy Muschietti has already voiced his desire to make the series into a trilogy and the stars of the latest flick have been vocal about their ideas for the next installment, too.

Whether a third outing will happen or not remains to be seen, but for now, fans can continue to enjoy It: Chapter Two in theaters, while the Pennywise-themed Starbucks drink will be available for the foreseeable future.