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Stephen King Recommends Matt Damon’s Underrated New Film

The horror icon has a new set of recommendations.

Horror icon Stephen King is back again with his favorite watches. This time, he recommended Matt Damon’s new crime drama film Stillwater to fans, praising the seasoned actor’s performance. 

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Stephen King is known for some of the most iconic horror stories of all time, including The Shining, Carrie, and It. He recently embarked on a journey to watch one movie released each year from 1961-2021. He has finally made it through this 60-movie adventure, spotlighting some underappreciated horror movies along the way. Now, he’s ended his journey with Matt Damon’s latest release, Stillwater

King compared Damon’s performance to Walton Goggins’ performance in Them That Follow, stating Damon’s role was “equally great.” Most critics and fans agree with King’s sentiment about Damon’s acting in the flick, with most enjoying it more than the movie’s story and plot. 

Damon stars as an unemployed oil-rig worker from Oklahoma who attempts to prove his daughter’s innocence as she was convicted of killing her college roommate and unfaithful lover. Noble as that may be, Damon’s daughter is not as innocent as she seems. However, the movie’s slow pace might be too much for some viewers. 

Despite the criticisms about Stillwater, Damon’s performance is enough to justify watching the film. He is known for his work in previous movies like Good Will Hunting, The Bourne series, The Departed, and several other notable films. King also knows a thing or two about movies, so consider his opinion a solid reason to check out Stillwater

Stillwater is currently playing in theaters and is available to stream on multiple platforms, including YouTube, Google Play, and Amazon Prime Video. 

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