Stephen Lang On The Possibility Of Playing Cable In Deadpool 2


Ever since the Merc With a Mouth (Ryan Reynolds) made the announcement that time-travelling mutant badass Cable would feature in Deadpool 2 during the first film’s mid-credits scene, several actors  – including Ron Perlman and Dolph Lundgren – have thrown their hats in the ring to play the role. But, fans still seem dead set on the man that’s been viewed as the perfect candidate for the character as far back as his villainous turn in James Cameron’s Avatar: Stephen Lang.

Lang has previously admitted that he’d love to play Cable, but in a new interview with Mashable, the Don’t Breathe actor admits that he hasn’t spoken to anyone about it, and that even if there was a chance he might land the part, scheduling conflicts with the new batch of Avatar movies would most likely throw a spanner in the works.

I was a fan of the first Deadpool and I’d be delighted to be a part of that sequel, but I haven’t spoken to anyone about it. It kept cropping up on the internet that I should play Cable. The extent of what I did was, one day I was in the gym and I tweeted, “let’s lay some Cable,” and that became construed as my campaign for the part. Even now, if someone does fan art, I’ll retweet it because I like keeping it alive.

It’s the same studio as Avatar, but I don’t know if that makes it easier or more difficult logistically. Either way, no one has approached me, and I can’t even say if I’m in the actual conversation. But they must be aware of it, because whoever makes those decisions must be aware of everything. Plus, I think I’d do a pretty bang-up job with the part. Having said that, understand that my obligation is to the largest, most successful film ever made, so Avatar takes precedence.

So, there you have it folks – as much as we’d all love to see Lang suit up as Cable, it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

Deadpool 2 is expected to commence production early next year, so it shouldn’t be too long before we get some official casting announcements. Until we do, though, drop a comment below letting us know who you’d like to see play Cable.