Steppenwolf Attacks In 6 New Justice League Clips


Warner Bros. may not be ready to peel back all the layers of Justice League – word is the review embargo won’t lift until November 15th, two days before release – but we do have the next best thing for you today: 6 brand new clips from the film, one of which shows Steppenwolf on the attack, as well as uttering a few lines of dialogue.

This is by no means the first time that we’ve caught a preview of Steppenwolf’s rough, grating voice (“no protectors here. No lanterns…no Kryptonian…this world will fall, just like all the others”), of course, and it’s safe to assume that the footage here is pulled from the moment when Ciarán Hinds’ otherworldly villain is beginning to close in on those all-powerful Mother Boxes. There are three cube-shaped artifacts in total, and though it’s yet to be confirmed outright, Justice League will likely send Steppenwolf off on a wild goose chase to Atlantis and Themyscira in order to retrieve them.

As for the rest of the clips, well, there’s quite a bit to feast on. We get some awesome shots of Wonder Woman in action, meetings between Bruce Wayne, Barry Allen and Arthur Curry, and Jim Gordon being introduced to the team. Arguably, though, the most exciting of the bunch is the aforementioned villain raining down destruction, as it’s sure to get fans excited ahead of the film’s release later this month.

Speaking of which, the Justice League of America will wage war against Steppenwolf and his army of Parademons when Zack Snyder’s DC epic opens on November 17th. It’s been tipped for a strong first weekend at the domestic box office, where analysts believe Snyder’s star-studded tentpole will land in the region of $110m-$120m.

While we wait to see if those predictions hold true, check out the new clips above and below and be sure to leave us a comment letting us know what you think.