Steve Trevor’s Death Will Reportedly Be Retconned In The Flash

Chris Pine Wonder Woman 1984

One of the major talking points surrounding Wonder Woman 1984 was the return of Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor, although it had little to do with the actor’s typically charming presence. Instead, most of the focus was placed on the plot device used to bring him back from the dead, which left a lot of people feeling uneasy the more that they thought about it.

Patty Jenkins has brushed off the criticism, but there are already rumors making the rounds that Pine will be back again for Wonder Woman 3, even though he’s technically been killed off twice and the third installment is poised to be the first one set in the modern day, which would force the creative team to come up with yet another far-fetched explanation as to why he’s still around over 100 years later.

Now, insider Grace Randolph is claiming that the 40 year-old is being lined up for a cameo in The Flash, which would see Barry Allen save him just in time and pretty much wipe the entirety of Wonder Woman 1984 from canon. Not only that, but the Scarlet Speedster will reportedly stow him away on Themyscira, which would slow down the aging process and keep Pine’s handsome features intact for Wonder Woman 3.

“Warner Bros., I hear is considering bringing Steve Trevor back again via Flashpoint where the Flash saves him from the plane explosion just in the nick of time,” says Randolph.

Take this one with a pinch of salt, because it would only serve to create some massive plot holes for the DCEU. Barry’s powers have the capabilities to slow down time and even traverse through alternate dimensions and realities, but there’s been no basis in the franchise so far for him to jump backwards by a century just to save his teammate’s beau.

Not only that, but stashing Steve on Themyscira would then make Diana look like an idiot as she spends the next few decades longing for him while he’s perfectly safe on the island she calls home, and as of yet, there’s no word on if Gal Gadot is even going to appear in The Flash anyway.