Wonder Woman 1984 Fans Are Not Okay With That Weird Steve Trevor Plot Point

Wonder Woman 1984

One of the big draws of Wonder Woman 1984 was that Chris Pine was returning as Steve Trevor, allowing the sequel to reheat the impeccable chemistry that he and Gal Gadot shared in the 2017 origin movie. Now that the film is finally out on HBO Max and in theaters, however, some fans are disappointed with it. Though you can’t deny that Gadot and Pine are still great together, the method that allows for Trevor to return to life is giving a lot of folks pause for thought.

WW84 sees Diana Prince come into contact with an ancient mystical artifact called the Dreamstone that can make your deepest wish come true. Wondy obviously wishes for her lost love Steve to return and though he does, it’s only his spirit that comes back. You see, he wakes up one day in another man’s body. Due to the magic, though, while everyone else sees the actual guy, Diana only sees Steve. Of course, she’s overjoyed to have her beau back and can’t bear the thought of losing him again, until he once again sacrifices himself to save the day.

There’s a tragic and romantic storyline there, then, but a lot of people are uncomfortable with the plot point of Steve inhabiting someone else’s body. Especially given that one scene makes it clear that the couple had sex. And here are just a few of the reactions to this part of the movie going around on social media:

The idea of the character returning to life in another body seems to be a tip of the hat to 1978’s Heaven Can Wait, but what worked in a film back in the 1970s hits a little differently today. It also seems strange that the super powerful Dreamstone, which is elsewhere shown to be capable of changing reality in all kinds of ways, can’t just resurrect Steve in his own flesh. In addition, the final scene – which sees Diana meeting the man whose body he previously occupied and flirting with him – only adds to the weirdness.

What do you think of this divisive plot point in Wonder Woman 1984, though? Let us know in the comments section below.