Steve Trevor’s Wonder Woman Role Detailed

When Wonder Woman graces cinemas in just under three months, it’s quite understandable that all eyes will be on Gal Gadot, the first actress to portray what is arguably the most iconic female superhero of all-time on the big screen. But, almost just as important, is the supporting role of Steve Trevor, Diana Prince’s love interest played by Chris Pine. In fact, one could say he’s almost as vital to her mythos as Lois Lane is to Superman’s.

Now, those of us who are familiar with the comic book lore already pretty much knew what to expect from Trevor’s involvement in the film, but it’s nice to get confirmation that the source material will be very much honored.

According to, Trevor will indeed somehow breach Themyscira’s magical borders, effectively allowing German ships to follow him, thereby leading to a stunning action sequence. What’s more is that he’ll play a “pivotal role” in her call to action, introduce her to the world of man and even help her roundup the team to combat Ares, the movie’s big bad.

Producer Curt Kanimodo had this to say about that very topic:

“Chris Pine, he’s the love interest, there’s no other way to really shape it. He’s her connection to humanity, I guess you could say. He does it so eloquently, of explaining the shades of grave humanity, that not everything is a certainty.”

Should you not be as knowledgeable about the Diana-Steve dynamic, I highly recommend that you check out 2009’s animated Wonder Woman film before its silver screen sibling arrives on June 2. If reports are to believed, an R-rated director’s cut of the animated gem is on its way this summer as well. Suffice it to say, it’s a good time to be a fan of the iconic character.