Steven Spielberg And Amblin Developing Alien Invasion Pic The Fall


Amblin Partners, Steven Spielberg’s revamped production banner, is developing an all-new alien invasion flick titled The Fall.

News comes to us by way of Variety, revealing that Aussie scribe Pete Bridges is attached to the script, chronicling a divorced couple caught in the thick of a full-scale otherworldly siege. Featuring a similar family dynamic to that found in Spielberg’s War of the Worlds, it’ll be fascinating to see how The Fall differs from what has come before.

Currently simmering in the bowels of pre-production – Amblin only acquired the script earlier this week – it’s still early, early days on the sci-fi thriller, with no director or indeed casting to report.

Despite that, news that Amblin is circling back to the realm of science fiction is headline-worthy as is. This is, after all, the overhauled studio that has hatched the likes of E.T, Back To The Future and Gremlins over the years, and when it comes to The Fall, Variety confirms that Madhouse Entertainment partner Adam Kolbrenner and Robyn Meisinger will produce and executive produce, respectively.

Steven Spielberg recently guided The BFG into theaters and, as is typical of the prolific director, one glance at Spielberg’s upcoming projects reveals a stacked slate, with everything from Ready Player One to action-adventure sequel Indiana Jones 5 in varying stages of development for the coming years.

Source: Variety