Steven Spielberg Says He Has No Intention Of Killing Off Harrison Ford In Indiana Jones 5


July 2019 is an awful long way away, but that hasn’t stopped Steven Spielberg from discussing Indiana Jones 5 – or, perhaps more appropriately, journos from quizzing the director about what’s in store.

Truth be told, it’s been a long and meandering road for Indy 5, and until Spielberg officially inked a deal to helm the sequel back in March – welcoming back Harrison Ford in the title role in the process – it looked nigh on certain that the movie would either languish on the shelf or, on the other hand, get overhauled into a franchise reboot.

But low and behold, Indiana Jones 5 is a-coming, and during a recent in-depth interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Spielberg touched base on the film and how he believes it will appease those who felt burned by the divisive Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

There, the illustrious filmmaker also weighed in on the fate of Indy himself, revealing that he currently has no plans to bump off Disney’s wise-cracking archaeologist anytime soon. Said he: “I think this one is straight down the pike for the fans.” He wouldn’t reveal any plot details, except this: “The one thing I will tell you is I’m not killing off Harrison [Ford] at the end of it.”

So, there you have it; Indiana Jones 5 won’t follow in the footsteps of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and send Harrison Ford’s character packing. That’s despite the fact that the beloved star will be 76 years young by the time Indy 5 rolls around on July 19, 2019.