The Three Stooges Reuniting For Action-Comedy Sequel

the three stooges

It’s like they say – you can’t keep a good Stooge down. After their last appearance in 2012 reboot The Three Stooges, Moe, Larry and Curly are returning to the big screen, with Chris Diamantopoulos, Sean Hayes and Will Sasso once again playing the iconic comedy trio.

C3 Entertainment, Grand Peaks Entertainment and The Exchange are behind the Stooges’ latest adventure, which will boast a script by Cameron Fay (Paramount’s upcoming Brother in Laws). Rather than the 2012 film, which was a straight comedy, this sequel is being envisioned as an action-comedy that will bring the hapless trio into contact with a major action star (yet to be cast).

Said C3 CEO Earl Benjamin:

With Sean, Chris and Will back as our Stooges and Cameron writing, this next film will be a truly unique blend of fast paced action with the hilarious mayhem of The Three Stooges.

2012’s The Three Stooges was a shocking amount of fun, so news of a sequel is actually rather exciting. Diamantopoulos, Hayes and Sasso were pitch-perfect in their roles, and though throwing them into an action-packed story could backfire if Fay’s script takes itself too seriously, the chance to see the trio reunite on screen isn’t one I’d pass up.

No word yet on whether any of the supporting cast from The Three Stooges, including the nuns who raised them (Jane Lynch, Jennifer Hudson, Larry David, Kate Upton and Marianne Leone) or their young friend Murph (Avalon Robbins) will be returning, but I’d guess not if the tone for this sequel is skewing further toward action.

Action-comedies with unusual lead actors are on the rise right now in Hollywood, possibly in anticipation of Melissa McCarthy’s surefire hit Spy opening next month. Kevin James was just set to lead The True Memoirs of an International Assassin, while Sacha Baron Cohen has action-comedy Grimsby out sometime next year. As such, maybe it was just a matter of time before The Three Stooges wound up in an action movie of their own.

Source: THR