Stranger Things Star Rumored For Key Role In Thor: Love And Thunder


Depending on your tolerance for Internet rumors, you may (or may not) have caught last week’s 4Chan blowout, in which a number of big, big claims were made regarding the MCU Phase 4.

And sure enough, these rumored tidbits pertained to practically every major project nestled within Phase 4 – from Black Widow to The Eternals – leaving many to wonder and speculate about what’s to come. The latest concerns Thor: Love and Thunder and, more specifically, the person(s) who may be joining Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, and Tessa Thompson when the time comes for Marvel to begin production.

We already know Chris Pratt, he of Guardians of the Galaxy fame, is expected to cameo – cue the testosterone-fueled standoff between Star-Lord and Thor – though we’re now hearing Marvel Studios and writer-director Taika Waititi may also have their eyes trained on Finn Wolfhard, star of Stranger Things and the so-hot-right-now It: Chapter Two.

Exactly which part Wolfhard is linked with is another question entirely, but word is Waititi and his team want both Finn Wolfhard and Ryan Gosling (a villain, perhaps?) for Thor: Love and Thunder. Again, this is nothing more than a rumor, and should be treated as such.

But assuming Finn Wolfhard does land the gig, he’ll join a growing list of Hollywood A-listers being hoovered up for MCU Phase 4 (Angelina Jolie! Kit Harington! Kumail Nanjiani!) as Marvel Studios begins weaving its tapestry in a post-Endgame world. And a post-Spider-Man world, it seems, after negotiations between Marvel and Sony broke down late last month. The result? Tom Holland’s Peter Parker will no longer appear in the MCU – Far From Home really was his swan song, despite its cliffhanger-style ending.

Be that as it may, there are many more heroes primed to steal our hearts in MCU Phase 4 and beyond. Whether Wolfhard proves to be one of those characters will be told in time. Thor: Love and Thunder, meanwhile, is scheduled for November 2021.