Straw Dogs Trailer

The trailer for the upcoming Straw Dogs remake was released today. This is the second remake trailer we’ve seen today, the first being for Fright Night. And like Fright Night, this one looks alright, but not great. Sam Peckinpah‘s 1971 classic was a controversial film in its time. It was banned in various regions and heavily cut in others. The remake, doesn’t look to follow in the same steps nor does it look nearly as good as the original.

The trailer is a bit too long and it’s not terribly exciting. James Marsden, Kate Bosworth, Alexander Skarsgård, Walton Goggins and Drew Powell lead the cast in what looks to be another remake for a film that never really needed to be remade in the first place. The original was a very visceral film, which is something that I’m just not feeling from the remake. Judging by the trailer, it seems to be lacking that and without it, it won’t be nearly as effective as the original one was. Who knows though, maybe I’m wrong. I guess we’ll find out on September 16th when it’s released.

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David and Amy Sumner (James Marsden and Kate Bosworth), a Hollywood screenwriter and his actress wife, return to her small hometown in the deep South to prepare the family home for sale after her father’s death. Once there, tensions build in their marriage and old conflicts re-emerge with the locals, including Amy’s ex-boyfriend Charlie (Alexander Skarsgård), leading to a violent confrontation.