New Study Names Netflix As Streaming Service With The Best Original Content


The company may have been founded in 1997 and started distributing content online a decade later, but it arguably wasn’t until the release of House of Cards in 2013 that the rise of the streaming service truly began, with Netflix‘s first in-house exclusive series winning rave reviews and plenty of awards season glory. Fast forward to today and the streaming wars are in full swing, with more than ever to choose from.

Netflix, Amazon, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Hulu, AppleTV+, Paramount+, Peacock and many more are now churning out top quality original projects on a regular basis in a constant battle to continue drawing in new subscribers. Of course, there aren’t a lot of people either willing or able to shell out for all of them on a monthly basis, so the race is on to entice the biggest number of new customers by offering the ideal blend of fresh movies and TV shows alongside an established back catalogue of well-known titles.

Disney Plus might be on track to eclipse Netflix as the world’s most popular streamer by the end of next year, but the latter are still the market leaders with over 200 million subscribers and counting. Not only that, but a new study has named Netflix as top of the class, with 39% of those polled in the survey saying that the platform has the best lineup of original content.

Amazon comes in second with 12% of the vote, while Disney Plus, Hulu and HBO Max could only muster between 6% and 7%. Of course, taking the same poll twelve months from now could realistically yield incredibly different results, especially with the Mouse House set to deliver over 100 exclusives per year and HBO Max also ramping up production on a slew of high profile movies and TV shows.